We Are Controlled Through Our Divisiveness

Carrie Jeroslow
2 min readJan 17, 2022


The divide BETWEEN us is the real control OVER us.

Last night I came to huge realization.

I have had it before but for some reason on this night, it hit me in a new way.

It came from scrolling through Facebook (surprise) and seeing varying perspectives about varying topics.

Divisive topics.

And everyone who supported whatever topic they were writing about believes with every cell of their body that they are right. They have evidence to prove it.

And not only are they right but anyone who believes the other side is wrong.

And some topics came down to life and death.

“If they believe in this, they will surely be killed off.”

“If they believe in this, they will surely die and finally see that they were wrong.”

And I saw clearer than anything else, that power OVER anyone comes from conflict and divide.

Martin Luther King, Jr. knew this and spoke about it.

And yet, here we are in 2022, divided and in conflict.

In some ways, this comes from the very nature of having a body. The body is inherently separate. My body is separate from yours. My experience is separate than yours.

So how do we come together?

Is it even possible?

I have asked these questions over and over for almost a decade.

And I keep coming back to the same thing —


We come together in Love.

That’s the only way.

What does that look like?

How can we love someone who believes so radically different from us?

When we dig deeper, I believe we all really want the same things:

We want to be heard.
We want to be seen.
We want to be understood.
We want to be cared for.
We want to feel safe.
We want to be loved.

Underneath all of the conflict and anger and fear and pain, we all want the same thing.

So how can we rise above the surface disagreements and come together in our deepest human needs?

I don’t have the answers.

But I think the question is at least a place to start finding them.



Carrie Jeroslow

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